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Frequently Asked Questions

What is usage logging?

How does this demo work?

We have quick tutorials available for Java, Python, Node.js and Ruby apps.

What types of apps are supported?

We currently support Java, Python, Node.js and Ruby apps. This includes popular frameworks like Django, Express, Rack, Rails, Sinatra, Spring Boot, and Spark Framework.

How is my data protected?

Our privacy policy covers this in great detail.

Can I use this demo with my live production app?

No please! As per our terms of service, this demo environment is only for use with pre-production apps. Contact us to access an environment ready for use with real live apps.

How can I get support?

Contact us via Slack or email to ask a question or report an issue. We do not offer telephone support.

Why did my data just disappear?

Our demo environment is destroyed and rebuilt every 24 hours. This happens without warning or notification. If you have a demo session open while the demo environment is rebuilt, any logged data in your session will be lost. Your session will continue to work normally otherwise. Contact us to access an environment where you can reliably keep logged data for longer than 24 hours.

What's the catch?

No catch! As per our privacy policy, we do not collect information about demo users or any data logged during a demo session. We don't sell ads or share data with third parties. Source code for our loggers and demo app is available on GitHub, so you can see there's no funny business.